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ANUE finds shared challenges and opportunities in Latin America

Posted 30 August 2013 5:35pm

As a region, Latin America is looking to diversify their economies, invest in education and infrastructure for the future, and seeking innovation and expanding knowledge sectors. Australia is facing similar challnges, presenting opportunities for knowledge transfer, collaboration and long term partnerships.

ANU Enterprise's CEO Sarah Pearson visited Ecuador and Brazil with ANUE Director Tom Wood at the beginning of August.

Ecuador has committed to investing its oil wealth into education and infrastructure to build a knowledge sector and capitalise on its unmatched biodiversity. This commitment is supported by a government with a strong vision and mandate for change.

Joined by Professor Michael Cardew-Hall, ANU Pro Vice-Chancellor for Innovation and Advancement, ANUedge met with officials from SENESCYT (Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology), SENPLADES (Ministry for Planning and Develoment), leading universities and Yachay (The City of Knowledge a special economic region and university being constructed in Imbabura Province).

Brazil has strong industrial sectors, a diverse agricultural base, and large oil and gas discoveries. Now the country is investing heavily in education, providing support for up to 100,000 students to study overseas through the Science without Borders program. A long-standing tax structure that invests a proportion of all business revenue in research, R&D, and business competitiveness also makes Brazil an attractive client and collaborator.

ANUE met with representatives of Austrade, Australian companies with a presence in the Brazil, university leaders, and officials from Brazilian research and industry bodies with more than a dozen meetings in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba.

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